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Control of Biohazards Biosafety Courses are available as custom solutions brought straight to your workplace. You choose the subject areas and tell us your needs.  Legionellosis (Legionnaires' Disease) is caused by a waterborne bacterium spread by aerosol that produces a pneumonia that requires prompt medical attention. Learn more about our Legionella water testing program by clicking here.

Our Story

GTS Legionella Testing Laboratory (GTS) has provided quantitative legionella test reports for thousands of environmental water samples since 1981.

Get legionella water test results you need, quickly and professionally from our laboratory located in Baltimore, Maryland USA.

Control of Biohazards courses since 1979 and biosafety consulting since 1986.

Contact us at or click on the "Contact" tab. 

2515 Boston Street, Suite 408, Baltimore, MD 21224
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