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Biosafety Cabinet Selection

Biosafety Cabinet Selection

Biosafety Cabinet Selection: NSF/ANSI Standard 49 Appendix E

Do you know how to select an appropriate biosafety cabinet (BSC) Type and install it? A biosafety officer or qualified safety professional who has training and field experience that includes methods used to control biohazards and knowledge of the design, application, and testing of biosafety cabinets should approve purchases of biosafety cabinets (BSCs) after consultation with the user, architect, engineer, and facility manager.

Recommended Class II BSCs in BSL-2, BSL-3 and BSL-4 suit facilities are Type A2 and Type C1.

Type B1 and B2 BSCs are not recommended.

Did you know that Class II Type B2 BSCs dump work space contaminated air into your lap when the cabinet's remote exhaust fan stops?  

NSF International  NSF/ANSI Standard 49 - 2016 has been published. It includes major revisions of Annex E that includes more user information. Type C1 BSCs are now included. The Control of Biohazards Course covers Annex E in detail.