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Control of Biohazards Biosafety Courses

At Richard Gilpin PhD Ltd, we not only provide quantitative legionella water testing services, but we also offer onsite biosafety courses for microbiology researchers, admins, and safety staff. Our Control of Biohazards class began in 1979 at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD and has since become a recognized course worldwide.

Control of Biohazards is an exceptional training course that many have imitated, but never replicated. The course includes a highly detailed and continuously updated 1,000 page, hyperlinked digital handout package that will be available to reference long after the course has been completed. Our biosafety courses are typically four days long, but they can be altered to fit your group or site’s specific accommodations. Below is brief outline of each day’s courses:

Day 1

  • Courses include: Course Introduction/Pre-test, Sources of Biosafety Information, Dissemination of Biohazards, and Facility Design BSL-1 to 4
  • Total time: 7 Hours, including breaks/lunch

Day 2

  • Courses include: Biosafety Cabinets (Primary Barriers), Risk Management Principles, Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, and Disposal of Infectious Waste
  • Total time: 7 Hours, including breaks/lunch

Day 3

  • Courses include: Biosafety Practices & Techniques, Recombinant and Synthetic Nucleic Acids, and IBC Program Development
  • Total time: 7 Hours, including breaks/lunch

Day 4

  • Courses include: Decontamination & Disinfection, Biological Packaging & Shipping, Local Laboratory Practices, Post Test, and Review
  • Total time: 7 Hours, including breaks/lunch

This course is designed for participants with and without prior biosafety experience and provides the knowledge needed to apply to the American Society for Microbiology for Specialist Microbiologist in Biosafety Certification and to become an ABSA International Certified Biological Safety Professional. To get more information about a workplace course, call us today at (410) 961-6638 or visit our website at www.legionella.com.