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Richard W Gilpin PhD Blog

The Importance of our Biosafety Training Course

Whether you’re a microbiology researcher or on a biosafety team at an institution, enrolling in our biosafety training course, Control of Biohazards, can be immensely beneficial. The course is directed towards those who are biosafety officers, industrial hygienists, occupational health personnel, scientists and technicians, facility engineers, and those in-between. First started in 1979, the Control of Biohazards training course provides individuals with the necessary information to apply to ABSA International to become a certified biological safety professional.

Understanding how to handle dangerous biohazards can make all the difference in preventing laboratory acquired infections (LAIs) or helping others perform safe science. Some of the topics covered in our course include biosafety practices, biological packaging and shipping, proper use of biosafety cabinets, bloodborne pathogens, risk management principles, and more.

Another of our activities is providing quantitative legionella testing. We at GTS Legionella Water Testing Lab help organizations determine whether their legionella control programs are effectively preventing potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks.

Even if you’re not in a highly specialized research position, our course is designed for participants with and without biosafety experience as well as those looking to obtain continuing education credits. For more information on our biosafety training course, call us today at (410) 961-6638 or visit our website at www.legionella.com.