Legionella Testing / Biosafety Training


Richard W Gilpin PhD Blog

Who Should Attend our Biosafety Courses?

Our Control of Biohazards course covers a variety of important topics such as infectious waste disposal, bloodborne pathogens, biosafety procedures, and risk management principles. Understanding how to handle biohazards is crucial to preventing laboratory accidents and contamination both in and out of the workplace. Below is a list of who we recommend take our highly valuable biosafety courses.

  • Biosafety offices
  • Occupational medicine physicians and nurses
  • Safety officers
  • Industrial hygienists
  • Directors of health and safety programs
  • Biosafety committee chairs and members
  • Research compliance managers
  • Occupational health personnel
  • Clinical and biomedical laboratory supervisors
  • Scientists and technicians
  • Architects
  • Facility engineers
  • Laboratory animal veterinarians dealing with ABSL facilities
  • Designated responsible facility officials
  • Security managers

These biosafety courses also provide the proper background needed for individuals applying to ABSA International for designation as Registered Biological Safety Professionals or are planning to take the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) National Registry of Microbiologists, Specialist Microbiologist in Biological Safety examination to qualify as a Certified Biological Safety Professional.

Whether participants have prior biosafety experience or not, this course will provide in-depth information on how to handle biohazards and prevent contamination within their facility or workplace. The Control of Biohazards course can also be taken by those who are already certified SM(NRCM)s or CBSPs and want to renew their certification or refresh their knowledge.