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Legionella Testing in the State of New York

Testing for Legionnaires’ disease bacteria (LDB) validates whether legionella amplification (growth) is being controlled by maintenance procedures. Read more>

State of New York:
The State of New York ELAP laboratory certification program is ONLY for laboratories using a legionella culture method for testing potable and non-potable water systems in residential health care facilities and hospitals. The Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene Elite laboratory certification does NOT meet NY ELAP requirements - FAQ 7. Read more>

ELAP laboratory certification by the State of New York IS NOT REQUIRED for laboratories testing New York water samples for legionella - IF they use the DFA or polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or other methods used for the identification and/or speciation of Legionella. Our lab uses the direct fluorescent monoclonal antibody (DFA) testing method - FAQ 9. Read more>

Culture Method Inaccuracy:
Culture for legionella from warm water-containing mechanical equipment often yields false negative results because legionella colonies are either overgrown or growth-inhibited by competing microbial flora in the water sample. Also, viable but non-culturable infectious legionella - capable of causing disease - are NOT detected by the culture method - They ARE detected by the DFA method. Read more> 

Some Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene Elite certified culture method labs have reported erroneous high numbers of legionella to their clients with the recommendation that costly emergency decontamination procedures begin immediately - wasting time and money. Read more> 

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