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NSF/ANSI 49 Updates: What the Biosafety Industry Needs to Know

NSF/ANSI 49 Updates: What the Biosafety Industry Needs to Know
Fri, 05/12/2017 - 3:21pm
by Jessica Burdg, Contributing Science Writer - Laboratory Equipment

A more robust Annex E
Annex E, the section of the standard that is available to the public free of charge to provide information about cabinet selection, installation, lifespan and decommissioning, was updated to offer more value to readers. Richard Gilpin, President of Richard W Gilpin PhD Ltd. and voting Joint Committee member for the past 25 years, spearheaded the Annex E revision.

“A very major change to Annex E is that we’ve vastly expanded the description of how to use chemicals in a biosafety cabinet, especially chemicals that are flammable or explosive,” Gilpin said. “About 90 percent of the information we added has to do with the actual operation of the cabinet and is very useful for end users.”

Specifically, Annex E was updated to define characteristics of the newly added Type C1 biosafety cabinets and provide more detail about how a cabinet should be positioned in a room in terms of clearance from walls, columns, doorways, etc. It also offers dos and don’ts of disinfectant efficacy and best practices for biosafety cabinet usage.