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The 38th Year of The Control of Biohazards Course with administrative support by Atrium Environmental Health & Safety Services.
Dates for the April 2018 course at Johns Hopkins to be determined (TBD)
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Course Introduction

Former 1,600 USA course attendees – let us know your opinion of the course usefulness.

Attendees receive the course training certificate, 4.5 ABSA CM points, a USB stick with continuously updated 1,170 pages of lecture slides and accompanying lecture handouts with hyperlinked tables of contents and hyperlinked references, and a printed binder of lecture slides.
Often imitated - never duplicated. No other biosafety course gives you this much current biosafety primary source information.

Details at Course Website
Course email contact: Susan Bowers at sbowers@atriumehs.com
April 2018 Course Dates: TBD
Location: Johns Hopkins University Mt Washington Conference Center, Baltimore, Maryland USA

2018 Control of Biohazards in the Research Laboratory Course Brief Description of Background and Objectives:
ABSA preconference training programs were started by Byron S. Tepper and Richard Gilpin (Biosafety 101) many years ago.
Dr. Tepper started this course in 1979, Richard Gilpin joined him in 1989 and continues the course after Byron passed away in 2015.
The course is designed to provide in‐depth information to participants with or without prior biosafety experience.
Personal biosafety experience and science will be covered. Topics covered>

There will be in depth discussions and opportunities for informal discussions with course faculty below:
Course Director - Richard W. Gilpin, Ph.D., RBP, CBSP, SM(NRCM)-Emeritus, Richard W Gilpin PhD Ltd.
Shelley Jorgensen, PhD, RBP, Microbiologist, US Army (Retired)
 Michael Sauri , MD, MPH & TM, FACP, FACPM, Infectious Disease Specialist - Occupational Medicine
Joseph P Kozlovac, MS, RBP, CBSP, SM(NRCM), Agency Biosafety Officer, USDA ARS Office of National Programs
Robert J Hawley, PhD, RBP, SM(NRCM), CBSP, Independent Consultant, Biological Safety and Security