Legionella Testing / Biosafety Training


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Biosafety Questions Covered in Control of Biohazards Course

Clarification about HEPA filters
Define BSL2+ or BSL3+ - regulatory document definition
Lentivirus infusion in dogs
TB testing researchers working with Mycobacterium bovis BCG
Cold Room Mold Remediation
Shipping silver nanomaterial in water and lysed green monkey kidney cells in triton x
Zika virus Precautions
BSC canopy requirement
More than one user in BSC
Laboratory decommissioning / close-out checklist for biosafety laboratories
Locations for emergency eyewashes in ABSL2
Export control for export of Illumina MiSeq materials (reagents, tips, primers) to Brazil
Red Bag Soultions waste systems
USDA permit inspection for interstate transport of animal pathogens
Non-bleach, disinfectant for cell culture aspirating flasks
Replacing a 20+ year- old BSC
Tocaagen SDS
Lentiviruses with human CRISPER library
Biosafety issues with Toca 511
Safety of MicroCool gowns
IBC Rreview of CRISPR, TALENs, Zinc Fingers, and other gene editing
Definitions of commissioning, verification, validation, and certification
Fact sheet for Zika virus
Wastewater PPE
Handwashing sink in BSL-3 antiroom
BSC exhaust in clean room for manufacturing viruses
How many IBCs review non rDNA pathogens and non-zoonotic pathogens
N95 mask for working in BSC with Coccidiodes
Occupational health standards for pregnant women
BSC salvage
Opening a plate with yeast-like organisms
Autoclaving HPAI Materials
Drosophila Crisper-Cas9
Pregnant researcher working with lymphoblastoid cell lines generated by infection of B cells with EBV at BSL-2
Proper disposal of the bedding from pregnant sheep
Specimens that potentially contain fentanyl
IBC oversight of infectious agents and human blood, bodily fluids, etc. as well as rDNA
Ergonomically-designed autoclavable forceps
Minors in Labs    
Safety and regulatory requirements for viroids
BMBL 5 recommendation for BSL-3 - Facilities must be re-verified and documented at least annually
Osteology lab that defleshes animal remains
Tetanus vaccine for employees working with laboratory mice
Positive-air flow tissue culture facility for long term cultures
Posting biohazard signs at the entrance to BSL-1  laboratories
Decontamination of biosafety cabinets (BSC) prior to disposal/relocation/repair
List / matrix of the equipment and design requirements for BSL-1 and 2 laboratories
Spill response process at hospital
Safely neutralizing and autoclaving items that have been bleached
Tamoxifen feed and the waste handling
NY regulation requiring entities to register use of rDNA
RG 2 work in cold rooms classified as BSL-2
Virus work in Mechanical Engineering Dept
Freezer Farm
Surgical space requirements
Counselling staff working with RG2 agents
Experience with Vaccinia virus vTF7-39
Blood collection room
OBA Guideline's 'periodic review' interpretation
Stericycle pick up of sharps containers
UV light on Clean benches
Biosafety level for serologic testing for Chikungunya virus
Decontamination validation of BSL-4 chemical shower room
Phones in laboratory environments
Where the import/ export permits and form 2s are placed
Testing/protocols for undergraduate students working with blood monitoring equipment
BSC alarms
GMO shipping
Risk assessment of HIV in tissue culture
Rabies vaccine with veterinary school or diagnostic services
Actions required when moving a BSC
Copper piping in A/BSL-3 labs
Type C1 BSCs
SciQuest/Jaggaer's ERM 8 software
Closing out research laboratories
BSC installation
Freezer lock box for biological agents
Disinfection of electronic devices
Field collections from frogs affected by Chytridiomycosis, chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis
BioArtist to clone his DNA into a pea
Gaseous formaldehyde to inactivate aflatoxin
Dual Use Research
Bipolar Ionization
Lab Safety Refresher
ATCC list of BSL of 1 for mammalian cells when BMBL states BSL-2
Working with CSF with potential prion exposure
Special precautions > BSL-2 when manipulating human induced pluripotent stem cells
Formalin fixation
Monitor purchases of equipment identified on Australian Group Common Control List of Dual-Use Biological Equipment
CJD Testing
Best practice for antibiotic disposal
Lab apparel
Lab Occupancy
Lab Coats
Disinfection Book
Ag Biosecurity
NHP Occ Med
UV in BSCs
Brucella melitensis surrogate
Zika Mosquito Containment
Biohazard bag band
Lentivirus inactivation
EM Containment
Decontamination of large mixing tanks
Autoclave installation
ACL-2 Facility
Chlorine Dioxide Solution
TB Spill
Scalpel Blade Guard
Glove Removal BSC
Pseudotyped Viral Vectors
Insectary Best Practices
Medical Waste Vendors
Isoflurane Monitoring
Allergen Testing Rodent
Shipping BCG & Enterotoxin B
CO2 Monitor
Safety Shower Legionella Testing
Campus Data Management System
Radiation Detector – Loading Dock
Section III-D of NIH Guidelines
Zika PPE
Autoclave Safe Disinfectant
Bowie-Dick Test
Gamma Disinfection
Ethanol fixed Tissue
Mouse Egg Pipettes
J2 retrovirus
BSL-3 for autopsy
Dry Ice Cabinet
AFB Culture Lab
Lab Notebook Transport
Rabies Vaccination
RG-2 Agents in GMP Facility
Consultant Liability Insurance
Biological Export Chamber of Commerce
Plant Containment Symbol
E coli K12 strain not meeting NIH Guideline requirements
DNA, RNA, etc degradation at storage temperature at -70C or -80C
IBC Record Retention
Wildlife Dissection
Vaccinia in Shared Lab
UV for room disinfection
BSL-3 Sprinklers
Animal Feces
Double-wall BSL-3
Pertussis Toxin in ABSL-1 or 2
Aflatoxin Inactivation
Negative Pressure Dx Lab
Spider Venom Importing
Potential Prions in Undergraduate Dissection
BSC Deep Cleaning
Sharps Resistant Gloves
EHS Contractor
BSC H2O2 Decon
Fatigue Floor Mats
C1 BSC Use
BSL-3 Effluent Decon
Needle Recapping
Rabies Testing Risk
Sheep/Goat Containment
Autoclaving Fertilizer
Gas in BSC
CRISPER-Cas9 in Zebrafish
Work on Polio Vaccine
Autoclaving Acidified Water
PAPR Recommendation
Shipping Non-Infectious AAVs
Permit for USDA Livestock/poultry Shipment
Infected animal containment
Euthanasia policy/SOP
Antibiotic disposal
Disinfection of MTB culture containing glycine
Prion safety
Liquid waste disinfectant
Lab Manager Reporting
RG-2 Isotope labeled waste
Lab ventilation
Plumbing biohazards
Bleach drain smell
Courier shipping unknown cultures
Anaerobic camber disinfection
Clinical IBC Registration
IBC Protocol Submission Software
Autoclave BIs
Animal Rack Decon
Frost-Free Freezer Storage
Biological importing to Europe
Autoclave cultures before disposal
Shipping genetically modified zebrafish
Microorganism notification of use
Blood for research (donor) programs
Transporting preserved animal carcass
Transporting infected carcasses
E-IBC software
iHP Disinfection
IBC GMP Review
Loss of power to freezers
Far UVC effectiveness
USDA permit VS 16-6
Max-Air CAPR System
Inactivation of large volume liquid waste
Cleanroom gowns
New B. anthracis & B. cerus biovar anthracis LRN guidelines
BBP disinfectant
Service dogs
Medical carry cards
Matheson BSL-4 suit filter alternatives