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NSF/ANSI 49 Annex E - 2016

NSF/ANSI 49 Annex E - 2016

Published February 2017
NSF/ANSI 49 - 2016 Annex E "Biosafety Cabinet Selection, Installation, Use, Lifespan and Decommissioning" is now available.

This free (not for sale) document from NSF International, Ann Arbor MI, is the United States normative reference for biosafety cabinet (BSC) practices. Annex E will be covered in detail during the upcoming Control of Biohazards Course by the Annex E task group chairperson.

Topics covered:

  • Institutional safety consultation

  • Risk assessment procedure

  • BSC class and type selection

  • Site review before BSC purchase

  • BSC arrival inspection and certification

  • Cleaning and disinfection of BSC work area

  • BSC use practices and procedures

  • Moving a permanently installed BSC

  • BSC lifespan

  • BSC decommissioning process

  • Definitions