Legionella Testing / Biosafety Training


Dr R W Gilpin LLC

Author, Biosafety Trainer, Former Medical School Professor

  • Dr Richard W Gilpin RBP CBSP SM(NRCM) directs the GTS Legionella Testing Laboratory and the Control of Biohazards in the Research Laboratory biosafety training course. He is Owner of Dr Richard W Gilpin LLC, founded in 1981.

  • Consulting includes all aspects of biosafety, legionella testing, expert witness testimony, environmental microbiology, indoor air quality, laboratory and hospital safety, select agents, pathogens, and research compliance in the areas of risk management, IBCs, animal research, material transfer agreements, and shipping.

  • A research microbiologist with 35 years of professor-level faculty experience at Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland, and Medical College of Pennsylvania (Drexel University College of Medicine).

  • He has presented and published numerous papers in the microbiology and biosafety fields.

Gilpin’s Legionella presentations and scientific papers.

All of Gilpin’s presentations and scientific publications.

Research Gate contains most of Gilpin’s 60 publications that have been read 7,000 times.

Dr Richard W Gilpin RBP CBSP SM(NRCM)

Dr Richard W Gilpin RBP CBSP SM(NRCM)