Legionella Regulations and Guidelines - Legionella

Legionella Regulations and Guidelines

Management of Legionella in Water Systems.

A Consensus Study Report of The National Academies. Copyrite 2020. National Academies Press. Washington, DC.

Chapter 5. Regulations and Guidelines on Legionella Control in Water Systems:

Lack of Federal Laws and Regulations Pertinent to Legionella.

State and Local Regulations and Other Enforceable Policies.

Guidance Documents.

Regulations and Policies From Other Countries.

Steps Forward for United States Legionella Management:

  • Recommendation 1. Expand the CMS Memorandum to Require Monitoring for Legionella in Environmental Water Samples.

  • Recommendation 2. Register and Monitor Cooling Towers.

  • Recommendation 3. Require Water Management Plans for All Public Buildings.

  • Recommendation 4. Require a Temperature of 60°C (140°F) at Hot-Water Heaters and 55°C (131°F) to Distal Points.

  • Recommendation 5. Require a Minimum Disinfectant Residual Throughout Public Water Systems and Concomitant Monitoring for Legionella.