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As a former director of a Philadelphia Medical School Microbiology & Immunology course with a 40-hour wet Clinical Microbiology Laboratory for the medical and graduate students, I believe that I can enhance your biosafety technical & leadership skills.

I am honored to have received the 2020 Chesapeake Area Biological Safety Association [ChABSA] Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of my dedication to ChABSA and the broader biosafety community.

Member of the American Society for Microbiology Half-Century Club.

Primary Consulting Topic Areas:
Biosafety & Biosecurity Information Sources.
Organization Acronyms.
CDC Public Health Laboratories Abbreviations.
Select Agent Regulations & Procedures.
Airborne Transmission of Microorganisms.
Laboratory Facility Design.
BSC Selection, Installation, Use, Lifespan, & Decommissioning.
Risk Management Practices & Biosecurity.
Bloodborne Pathogens Regulations.
Biological Waste Treatment & Disposal.
Microbiological Practices & Laboratory Techniques.
Recombinant & Synthetic Nucleic Acid Research.
IBC Program Management & Training.
Registration Template for Recombinant/Synthetic NA, Human Tissue, Pathogens, & Stem Cell Research.
Registration Template for Carcinogenic, Highly Toxic & Hazardous Chemicals Research.
Decontamination & Disinfection Practices.
Laboratory Survey Field Report Template.
Checklist for Health Care Providers.
Waste Management Checklist for the Clinical Lab.
Abbreviations – Control of Biohazards Course.
Glossary of Molecular Biotechnology Terms.
Glossary of Human Subject Protection Terms.
Glossary of Gene Therapy & Immunotherapy Terms.

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