BMBL-6 vs. NSF 49 – 2019 BSC Information - Legionella

BMBL-6 vs. NSF 49 – 2019 BSC Information

BMBL 6th Edition – Appendix A – Primary Containment for Biohazards – Revised June 2020 – Published November 17, 2020 – Order online before 6:30 AM EST at CDC INFO On-Demand – Publications.
Differs from current information in the –
NSF International Standard/American National Standard NSF/ANSI 49 – 2019 – Published March 1, 2020.

NSF 49 – 2019 Informative Annex 1 – Biosafety cabinet selection, installation, use, lifespan, and decommissioning
This user manual is distributed for informative / educational purposes by NSF International.
This document is the United States informative reference for biosafety cabinets (BSCs).

BMBL 6 Information.                                NSF 49 Information.

Biological Safety Cabinets./                                     Biosafety Cabinets (NSF changed name many years ago).

Filter corrugated aluminum separators./         Corrugated aluminum separators not very common.

Canopy gap usually 1 inch. /                                      Canopy gap varies.

Type C BSC hard duct exhaust outside./ Class II Type C1 BSC is exhausted to the outside via a canopy connection. [C1 BSC is similar to an A2 BSC].

NSF/ANSI Standard 49-2018./                               NSF/ANSI Standard 49-2019 published on March 1, 2020.

Class II BSC 70% downflow. /                                  Class II BSC downflow varies > 50% to 80%.

B2 BSC exhausts 1200 CFM room air. /          B2 BSCs exhaust room air at a rate of Typically 175 CFM/ft (16.3 m3/m) of BSC width.

Laminar Flow “Clean Bench”. /              Unidirectional Flow Clean-Air Device (IEST RP CC002) is the correct term.

BSCs are designed for 24-hour operation. /     Non-B type BSC blower should be turned off and sash closed when operations are completed.

70% ethanol (EtOH) wiping. /                                    70% ethanol is not recommended as a work surface disinfectant.

1:100 dilution of bleach disinfection ./                      Bleach corrodes stainless steel. Alternative disinfectants are recommended..

Touch-plate micro burners./                                       Electric furnaces. Flames should not be used.

BSC drain pan valve./                                                 Drain valve removed on new BSCs.

Adequate clearance behind & sides./ 6” minimum clearance behind & on each side of BSC.

Table 2 [ I, B2 ]./                                Table 2 [II, B2].

Figure 11 Vacuum Flask Diagram./ Liquid will shut off the vacuum when it reaches the sidearm – 2 flasks recommended with an airstone in the second flask.